Natural fibers, unique fabrics

The quality. A natural luxury.

High-quality long fiber cotton, Italian silk, linen, cashmere and Organic Cotton Certified ICEA-GOTS from organic farming: natural fibers have always been the territory of choice of Tessitura Pertile. 

It is the attention to the highest quality of the raw material that guarantees the quality of the creations. It is the artisanal experience combined with the industrial innovation of the processing techniques to enhance and preserve the properties over time. It is the research that suggests evolutions that have led to the composition and processing of fireproof fabrics, nylon or mixed materials.

Boutis de Provence. Innovation is an ancient tradition.

Boutis de Provence was born in the Middle Ages, a padded and hand-quilted cotton fabric, made in Southern Italy for the clothes of the Provençal courts. In 1999 Tessitura Pertile reinvented it for linen and furniture with Jacquard fabrics in natural fibers that surprises and enchants for the soft hand and the refined fantasy of three-dimensional structure designs. The Boutis Pertile enhances our creative invention, the ripe fruit of an inspired vision that reinterprets the past with the taste and hand of the contemporary.

1000 Thread Count. Superior Lightness.

Slim and elegant, both in plain satin and Jacquard, the 1000 thread count version in light weight “Extra” represents one of the highest levels achieved by the research of Tessitura Pertile. Superior to any other similar fabric on the market, in demand all over the world, it is a product that confirms the positioning of Tessitura Pertile in the luxury market.