Until the first half of the last century Chieri has been an important center of silk production. The textile tradition of this land dates back to the Middle Ages and it is intertwined with the Royal House of Savoy, which was regularly commissioning the cotton and silk weaving to the town for its own residences.

It is in this cultural and productive context that Marcello and Giuseppina Pertile decided to found the company in Chieri in 1954, recovering a heritage of ancient and noble tradition. Tessitura Pertile indeed combines craftsmanship of its territory with an innate passion for high quality natural fibers by adopting a production system in line with the respect for the environment.

Due to the importance given to these values, the firm aims to protect the environment as well as the health of the consumer, by producing fabrics in Organic Cotton certified by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification).

Through a high skilled development of the Jacquard technique, the company has introduced an innovative structure for fabrics, and called this collection “Pertile Boutis”: these fabrics are inspired by the ancient production of "Boutis de Provence", a padded hand-sewn fabric once used for clothes and then for prestigious blankets and bedspreads.